Sales / Procurement

These are the core competencies of TopWin.

We manage various contracts of deliveries, services and works, in both Sales and Procurement department. We group customers and suppliers into categories in order to define the best win-win contracts. Depending on your needs:

  • we prospect suppliers’ markets, allowing the company to become the key stakeholder of its partners;

  • we organize cross functional teams with the other involved departments;

  • we write the specification, organize request for quotation and negotiate contracts;

  • we manage contractual conditions during the execution phase as long as these contracts represent significant risks for the company.

We manage both private contracts and those complying with Public Procurement Rules.

We also manage complex contracts, some with a TCO approach (Total Cost of Ownership), contracts requiring new technologies, development of new skills and the set-up of new departments.​​​​​​​

Defining and implementing Corporate Strategy / CSR

The company’s main aim is delivering products, providing services, and executing works answering customers’ needs. Therefore, the strategic vision, missions and values must be defined to make everybody in the company contribute to these objectives. We can define the corporate strategy and implement it through strategic change projects, with reporting on the results to the top management.

Companies externalize goods, services and works more and more. We can implement a Procurement Strategy for your company, that improves quality of service, enables cost savings, attracts subcontractor’s skills for innovation / digitalization and engages the suppliers further into the sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility CSR).

Change Management

Beneficial changes are identified by comparing the current company’s processes with the company’s objectives. These changes must be implemented through projects. Analyse of needed resources and impact on the results of the company enables to prioritize the projects implementation.

A change must be an added value for most of the company’s staff. Therefore, we develop trust in the changes by considering human aspects as a major key success factor in Change Management.

Performance / Innovation

In order to be optimized, processes must be mapped and standardized. Thanks to KPI’s measuring critical topics, these processes can be adapted with a Lean Management approach. This process analysis is an opportunity to develop innovation and digitalize tasks partially or totality.

We have already implemented this approach in several departments, especially in Procurement services.

​​​​​​​Project Management

We manage projects with high professional standards, with respect of the budget, follow up of the planning, aiming to achieve results with risks mitigation.

We manage various kinds of projects, for instance:

  • industrial projects: construction works, building technologies, HVAC, projects in food industry, railway projects, projects in energy sector and utilities, IT, …

  • projects with management of changes for the optimization of an organization, for the digitalization of processes, development of skills, ….